Docu Drama


150 BPM02:31
The fight for opinion in an ever-changing world. A dynamic and urgent alt rock sound which supported by driving cello and piano interactions.
120 BPM02:58
Metamorphosis of an idea. Steady and spatial piano motif builds with thickening textures towards a point of higher elevation.
78 BPM01:53
Suspenseful underscore builds dramatically with a dangerous and stealthy vibe.
160 BPM02:28
Recollections of seminal moments. Simple piano and marimba building momentum to a striking conclusion.
130 BPM03:20
Powerfully strident emotional minimalism. Find the courage to overcome adversity.
106 BPM02:20
A solitary journey among the cosmos. Uneasy feel with a tense, repeating guitar two note motif supplemented with glistening mandolin and string pads.
92 BPM04:09
Thought-provoking drama thriller. Reflective intro develops into a driving modern noir-style soundtrack with backend build.
120 BPM03:05
Reflecting questions with introspective answers. Emotive piano chords with steady drum rhythms sit alongside detached ambient textures.
75 BPM02:45
Ambient guitars and spacious beats elevate @ 0:52 and 1:42.
75 BPM01:54
Edgy synth bass pulses combine with mysterious piano melodies and disturbing pads and effects in this tense investigative cue, with building layers of percussion and drums emphasizing impending danger as everything develops. Version - Full
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