Something Like Love

Album: Pop Ambition

Something Like Love
Titre Something Like Love
Nom du fichier SFL1225_007_Something Like Love_Full Mix
Description A building synth pop track with increasing drum programming, bright percussion and synthesizer ooze streaming from every opening.
CompositeurJonathan Newell (BMI) 50% [619364042]Martin Lee Lamain (BMI) 50% [687677568]
ÉditeurRandy Berg Music (BMI) 100% [195120480]
ISRC QM2ZU1799750

Something Like Love - Full Mix

You see my body moving, so come on over
Tonight the rhythm's grooving, we're getting closer
Keep watching what I'm doing, I'd like to know ya
To know ya

We've got the fire growing, temperature rising
Look at our body's flowing, not even trying
No stopping where we're going, oh let's not fight it
Don't fight it

Right or wrong
I love the way I feel
You're what I want
Can we make it real, can we make it

Something like love
Caught in the rush, lost in your touch
You take me high
Something like love
Head over heels, the way it feels
I'm yours tonight

The way my heart is pumping we've got it locked in
I think we've started something, it's so hypnotic
Don't know what we're becoming, but don't you stop it
Don't stop it

Cause right or wrong
I wanna lose control
You're what I want
I think I know, Yeah I think this is

Repeat Chorus

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