Red Flags

Album: Good To You

Red Flags
Titre Red Flags
Nom du fichier ER1339_07_Red Flags_Full Mix
Description A sensual lady-lush lead vocalist delivers lyrics on top of a bouncing club-pop beat. Shiny synths, quivering sequencer. Red flags. Irresistible toxicity alert, 124 BPM
CompositeurSimon Pettersson (STIM) 100% [00754280339]
ÉditeurEdition Elbroar (GEMA) 100% [00822561060]
ISRC DEMS42303186

You should know better by now
I can't make no promises, no promises allowed
I'd love to love you but how, no
No matter what I do my heart just wants to shut down

The way you're looking at me it's a sin
You're wasting all your feelings on a wish oh baby
I know you want to be my everything,
But that's not the thing that you need to see

Red flags, red flags
You know, I'm bad for you baby
You must have been crazy
To chase these red flags, red flags
I know you're mad for me baby
Don't think that you could change me
Cause my heart beats fast
Telling me to run right past ya
I'm made of red flags, red flags, red flags
Red flags, red flags, red flags yeah

[verse 2]
I don't know what to do with you
This feels too serious, too serious too soon
I know what you're going through, yeah
So don't let this experience consume you cause



You should know better by now baby
I'm made of, I'm made of red flags, red
You should know better better
Cause I'm made of, I'm made of red flags, red

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